I work at Tesla as a Software Engineer on the Autopilot team. Previously, I was a masters student in computer science at the University of British Columbia (UBC), working on robotics and reinforcement + deep learning research, advised by Michiel van de Panne. Before that, I worked on similar research for my undergraduate thesis at the University of Utah (2019) as a member of the LL4MA lab, advised by Tucker Hermans.

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Recent Projects

boxLCD: A Simple Testbed for Learned Simulator and World Model Research

ICLR 2021 SimDL Workshop
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Learning to Manipulate Object Collections
Using Grounded State Representations

Matthew Wilson, Tucker Hermans
CoRL 2019 (Oral, Best System Paper)
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These are some robots I have worked with in the past. On the lower row are three of the robots I helped build and program for Utah’s NASA Robotic Mining Competition (RMC) team. And these are the robots I work with now ;)

(Utah, 2019)
(CMU, 2017)
(Utah/RMC, 2018)
(Utah/RMC, 2017)
Master Chief
(Utah/RMC, 2016)

Past Projects

[2015-2018] Utah Student Robotics Team Member

During undergrad at the U, I got into robotics and worked on the Utah team on the NASA Robotic Mining Competition for 3 years of competition. We had some great robots and consistently placed well in the competition.

[2017] Robotics Institute Summer Scholar @ Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

I spent Summer 2017 as part of the Robotics Institute Summer Scholar (RISS) program, which gives undergraduates from other universities experience working on robotics and machine learning research in CMU robotics labs. I had the great pleasure of working with Ralph Hollis, Jean Oh, and Roberto Shu on getting one of the ballbots to recognize commands, navigate in a building, recognize objects, and report back about what it saw.

You can check my CV for more details on these projects.